Real Motion Workout – Join the Fitness REVOLUTION

Helping you achieve your fitness goals

Resolutions come and go, but you know you have to make a change.

Maybe you want to be able to spend quality time with your life-partner, kids, or grandkids. Maybe you want to travel, or play sports, or work without pain and without limits.

Maybe you want to feel better and look better and fit into those sexy jeans you used to wear.

Maybe you don’t want to have to go to the doctor or take medication anymore for things a healthier lifestyle would help you avoid. Or maybe the doctor told you too, and you’re complying, maybe even reluctantly.

Maybe you’ve recently had a baby and you want to tighten up that belly. Maybe you’re older and you want to avoid becoming weak and frail.

You know exercise is important.

You know it will help you be stronger and feel better for whatever tasks you face in life.

You’re even checking out the Real Motion™ functional fitness workout to see if it can help. Excellent. Real Motion is here to help you in your fitness revolution.

But you struggle to find the desire, time and energy it takes to commit to a fitness program. Hey, life happens and you’re busy – family, friends, work, community and more.

I get it, I can relate. I was there.

So, how do you take care of yourself so you can do what you have to do and want to do?

Maybe you’ve tried other workouts and didn’t achieve what was promised. Or you tried going to a gym.

Or, you’re not sure where to begin, or begin anew.

You might even be intimidated by all the high intensity workouts out there: “I can’t do that…”

I went through this, and Real Motion was born out of my own journey of fitness revolution.

Like everyone else who’s done it, I’m so happy I changed my life by committing to get fit and be healthier. But it wasn’t easy or quick.

Sadly, for some, there is no fast, easy or short term solution to be fit and healthy – it’s something you need to do for the rest of your life.

But it’s WORTH it. You know it is.

And you know what? YOU CAN DO IT.

The Real Motion functional fitness workouts can help.

If you want to find out more, read on.

Fact: exercise is not your primary weight-loss program

To be right up front with you, if you want to lose weight, you’re in the wrong place.

Fitness is, at the most, about 20% of weight management. In fact, with exercise, as you build muscle and increase bone density, you might actually gain weight – the good kind.

In my 40’s, I was getting pudgier, my waist size going up, and the scale showing numbers that it shouldn't. I thought that was normal – yes, normal based on an increasingly obese society – but it’s not healthy. I knew I had to change my eating habits and exercise more.

I bit the bullet and I did it. But it took time and consistent effort and hard choices – often unpopular choices – to achieve lasting results.

As a result, over the first few years I shed about 40 lbs of fat, traded fat for muscle and leveled off at a leaner healthy weight. Over the last few years I’ve gained some more muscle mass due to my personal focus on strength training.

FACT: weight loss, that is FAT loss, is achieved and maintained by eating a healthier diet – healthy foods like vegetables and fruit and drinking water, and consuming less sugar and unhealthy foods and fats. You might also know that weight (FAT) gain is impacted by stress and lack of sleep. Hint: Research has proven that exercise is great for stress relief.

No fitness program can help you keep fat away if you don’t improve your eating habits or get the sleep you need.

So, you can sweat all you want and do all the high intensity workouts you can, but if you don’t eat healthier, sleep well or deal with stress in your life, it won’t matter. You’re more likely to keep the fat on and even gain more fat back if you quit working out.

And it only gets harder as you get older and your metabolism slows and your willpower wanes.


Medical research has proven that healthy eating helps you shed fat permanently. Exercise does help with burning calories, but the focus of exercise is to help you build and tone muscles, increase strength, improve balance and mobility, help you feel better, and shape your body in the way it was designed to be: FIT, SEXY and HEALTHY.

Real Motion™ can help you get fit. That’s it.

I created Real Motion for many of the reasons above. I know the Real Motion functional fitness workouts can help you achieve your fitness goals so you can have a better quality of life.

If you want a workout based on functional fitness, that is not high-intensity, that is doable by all ages and levels, will help you get stronger, more mobile, improve your balance, tone you muscles and more, then I invite you to read more and order your own copy.

Oh, and even men can do it.