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Real Motion – Fit for life

Taking care of your health is very important. Fitness is just as important as eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

We are all on a journey in this life, and that journey is better when we are healthy, fit and strong. I want that for you just as much as I want to be fit for life.

Maybe you're at the beginning of your journey or already on your way. I hope my fitness journey can inspire you, and the Real Motion Workouts can help you be mobile and strong for all that life has to offer.

Real Motion™ is about helping you be fit for life. That's why I created the Real Motion Workouts and the Bear Essentials Natural Movement Fitness Program.

What's stopping you? You can now do the Bear Essentials program for FREE. Yes, FREE.

Real Motion Workout DVDs

Real Motions Workout DVDs and online

What came out of my transformation was a workout that provides a strong foundation for getting and staying fit and strong. I also developed Bear Essentials, a fitness program based on natural movement or animal flow principles

Try It Today – Check out the Real Motion Workouts online before you subscribe or buy the DVD package.

Fit and healthy

Work, chores, play, sports, parenting, getting up and out, and whatever your day holds requires mobility and strength.

When you're fit and strong, all of life is easier, has fewer limits, and you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and mobile body.

When you're fit and healthy, you:

  • have a better quality of life now and as you get older
  • are more mobile and independent = freedom
  • build and maintain strong muscles and bones
  • avoid a sore back and other aches and pains
  • can have a flat belly (what you eat and exercise)
  • might even improve your game and libido (-;

If you can move, you can exercise. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in, how old you are, or your current fitness level – we all need to exercise for good health and a better life.

Real Motion is exercise for your entire body, especially the core muscles (your abdomen around to your lower back). Real Motion uses your own body weight (and optional equipment) to help you get stronger, more mobile and flexible, and improve your balance with or without dumbbells.

When you are fit with a stronger upper body, core, and lower body with improved balance, mobility and flexibility, life is easier and more enjoyable.