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What Real Motion is about

Why I created Real Motion

Let me tell you a story – a story of transformation.

Life happens and other things take priority for a time. Then you wake up one day and look in the mirror and say:"What happened to me?"

So began my fitness journey in my mid-40s to get "back in shape". But I never thought I would end up becoming a fitness instructor or that I would create the Real Motion™ Workout program.


  • I changed – I took control of my health.
  • I got fit and healthy.
  • I created a realistic workout that almost everyone can do.
  • I created another workout.

I was so passionate about the changes it made in my life that I wanted to share it with others. I discovered what many other people have and will discover – If you want to be fit and strong and healthy and have a better quality of life, regardless of age, YOU CAN, if you really want to. And it's never too late to start.

What happened?

For the record, I'm 58 years old and in the best shape of my life. In fact, I keep getting stronger each year because I keep at it. No, it's not easy, but it's vital to staying healthy and active – it's worth the effort. I keep learning and trying new things such as natural movement.

I've been active all my life, but in my mid-40s I got more serious about fitness due to some health issues like a bad back, fat gain, and nagging injury pain. I also started to eat healthier – and I shed weight – it's WONDERFUL and I FEEL GREAT!

Thus began my increasing interest and research into healthy eating and living.

I went to the gym and started out doing the exercises I did when I was in my 20s, and ones my physiotherapist gave me, but they still didn’t help me get stronger in some of the activities I liked to do.

I then joined some fitness classes and tried different things – it was a lot of work and a lot fun. I learnt so much and I got stronger and fit.

I watched a lot of different workout videos. Most were either too general, focused on 20-something slim females, or too intense for me [and probably for most people] to maintain a realistic and ongoing workout program.

I needed a fitness program that would help me, a middle-aged average guy, get fit and stronger without killing me or demand too much of my time – or my wallet – and that I could keep on doing without boring me.


As is often the case, necessity is the mother of invention – so I created my own realistic exercises and workouts based on the principles of functional fitness that helped me achieve my goals.

I was having fun training and learning and getting stronger. And I knew IF I COULD get back into shape and live a healthier life, then OTHER PEOPLE COULD, TOO.

So, I became a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor, and I focused on functional fitness* and core strength.

I still wanted to help more people than I could train personally. So, I took all I learned about functional fitness, training, and the exercises I developed and created the Real Motion functional fitness workouts.

As for my sore back, a strong core has taken care of that – and I also have a 6-pack [under some fat].

*FYI, functional fitness is exercise that helps you to live better, to be stronger, mobile, and flexible so you can live, play and work with confidence for a better quality of life. Core strength is the foundation of fitness. The core muscles include your stomach muscles, side and back muscles – essentially the girdle of muscles around your waist.

Flat belly and a strong core

Do you want a flat belly? Maybe even a 6-pack?

Do you want your back to stop hurting?

You NEED a strong core (and less fat).

The core is not just your stomach muscles. The core muscles are the "girdle" of muscles that surround your waist from bellybutton to spine. The core muscles support your back, hold your middle together and transfer power between your lower and upper body.

From personal experience and science, a strong core is foundational to good health – that’s why half of the Real Motion™ Workout sets are core exercises. The Real Motion core exercises are safe and effective and can help flatten your belly and support your back.

Many of the core exercises are based on the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, a leader in back health. The rest are standard core exercises that have been proven safe and effective and ones I modified.

In my opinion, the core exercises included in the Real Motion Workouts are a great reason to get going with Real Motion.

Real Motion won't get rid of your belly fat, but doing the core exercises will make the muscles underneath stronger and thus flatten your belly and strengthen your back. You might even get an insulated 6-pack stomach, which is real.

Exercises correctly – learn using the demonstrations

As a Personal Trainer, I want to ensure you exercise safely using proper technique and form so you can get the full benefit from your workouts.

That’s why I've included all the demonstration videos in the Real Motion Workouts, and why I developed the Bear Essentials program.

How many people do you know who exercise, who complain about sore knees or backs or other joints?

I see a lot of people working out hard in the gym or in classes, but because they don’t do it right, using proper form, they never improve and some get injured. Because they’re not engaging the correct muscles or their form is wrong, they often strain a muscle or joint, have to stop or just quit.

You don’t want that and neither do I.

The Real Motion demonstration videos show you how to do each of the 100+ exercises correctly so you can learn the exercises before you start the workouts. Don’t let that number intimidate you; they aren’t that hard to learn, and it gives you all the variety you need.

I’ve also included demonstrations on how to brace your core, how to do squats, some workout tips and more.

It’s like having a Personal Trainer in your own home.