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Aqua Dreams – the workout music

Aqua Dreams CD

Aqua Dreams has it all – from high-energy electronic dance beats, funk, and pop tunes to the serene to calm the soul. As you workout, dance, stretch or just have it playing, you'll discover more nuances in the music each time you listen.

Aqua Dreams was composed by Erica Van Drunen, of the band Seven Suns, for the Real Motion™ workouts. Since the music is so good, rather than just using it in the workout videos, we released Aqua Dreams on CD.

Aqua Dreams is her first full length instrumental solo album. She composed Aqua Dreams from a collection of ideas, driven by a sense of energy blended with serenity – it is music to motivate action and calm.

Order the Aqua Dreams CD

Aqua Dreams CD back

Get your copy of the Aqua Dreams CD and do the Real Motion workouts at your own pace, or just enjoy the music without Andrew talking over it.

  • Order the Aqua Dreams CD separately and help support this artist. As you know, musicians don't make much money from music downloads – thanks (but it is on iTunes, etc., if you want).

Aqua Dreams song list:

  1. Before Dawn (4:08)
  2. By Your Side (5:02)
  3. Rider (5:23)
  4. Devil's Gone (5:04)
  5. Aqua Dreams (5:10)
  6. Floor It (3:21)
  7. Already There (4:16)
  8. Soaring (6:08)
  9. Milestones (6:45)
  10. Rhythm of L (3:23)
  11. Euphonic (5:02)

Running time: 53 minutes

About the composer

Erica Van Drunen founded the band Seven Suns while studying in Liverpool as lead singer, songwriter and keyboardist. When she moved back to Edmonton she formed the Canadian version of the band.

She has a diploma in Jazz Piano Performance from Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada, and a BA from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool, UK.

Seven Suns music

Seven Suns has 4 CD releases: Who Are We (2010 UK), So Addicted (2011 UK), and Blue Emotion, Red Devotion (2015 CAN), Awaken (2020 CAN)