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What you get with the Real Motion workouts

Real Motion Workout introduction

The Real Motion workouts can help you get fit for life – stronger and mobile, improving your quality of life. Order Real Motion either on DVD or online.

Dumbbell and Total Fit workouts

With the Real Motion Dumbbell Workout and Total Fit Workout, you get over 5 HOURS of workouts, training and instruction online or on 3 DVDs:

  • 6 sets of functional fitness exercises
  • 5 sets of core exercises
  • 1 set of floor exercises (optional)
  • warmup
  • cool down
  • stretch
  • cardio set (this one is optional as it is intense cardio)
  • Read the breakdown of what you get (PDF)
Real Motion 3 DVDs

Online or DVD

Real Motion™ is now available online via subscription, as well as on DVD. So now you can have the Real Motion Workouts anywhere you want to workout.

3 DVD set includes:

  • DVD 1 – Real Motion Dumbbell Workout
  • DVD 2 – Real Motion Total Fit Workout
  • DVD 3 – Demonstrations
  • Order yours today

Bear Essentials – Natural movement fitness program

Bear Essentials is our new fitness program that teaches the fundamental skills of natural movement. The program takes you from simple to more challenging natural movement patterns. Natural movement is a great functional fitness exercise. If you follow the program, you will get stronger, more mobile and flexible – Fit for life!

Workout extras

Workout options and exercise demos

With the Real Motion Dumbbell and Total Fit workouts, each workout set ranges from 10 to 18 minutes so you can get in a quick workout, or do a full training session, as your schedule allows. All you need are some lightweight dumbbells (optional) and an exercise mat (or carpeted area) for the core exercises.

  • In total, there are over 3 HOURS of exercise over both workouts.

With so many options, you can follow the set order or choose the sets you want do. This allows you to mix up your training sessions to keep them interesting and you challenged.

Most of the exercises are simple or build on other exercises. Some are challenging and will get your brain working too. Together, they give you a well-rounded workout that's fun and functional.

The demonstration videos show you how to do each of the 100+ exercises correctly so you can learn them before you start your workout. As I said, it’s like having a Personal Trainer in your own home at a fraction of the cost.

Subscribe online or you can buy the 3 DVD set and use your computer, DVD or Blu-ray player and follow along with me and the Aqua Dreams music.


"Hi Andrew. Thank you so much for the workout DVD set you have put together. I watched the demonstration DVD of each exercise you use in your workouts – I appreciate the great variety of exercises and that they are so easy to follow. The next day I tried out the first set of workouts, going at a gentle pace without weights due to shoulder and hip issues. Following along with you doing the workout was so enjoyable and energizing! The music is very fitting and a refreshing change from the usual type of music used to motivate in workouts. I really like your pleasant, personable and calm demeanour and instruction – free from shouting and hype. Thank you for your 'fit and wellness' passion and your generosity of heart in making exercise so enjoyable in my own home. I look forward to the next workout! " – Joanna M.

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